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Melany Myers

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Admittedly, I am WAY more of a dog person than a cat person, but I appreciate the “cat attitude” at times. This is one of those times! 

A cat named Quilty, who is currently housed at Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston, is my new spirit animal. Quilty has some serious skills that have now landed him in kitty solitary confinement.

Quilty got in some trouble for  letting all the other cats out of the senior room to roam loose around the facility, repeatedly. Apparently Quilty was busting the senior cats out multiple times a day. It’s a jailbreak!

From the looks of the pictures that go with this story, Quilty has been at the shelter since he was a kitten. Not sure how old he is at the moment, but he IS up for adoption!

The organization has gained some attention on Facebook since they posted about Quilty, and they now have an Instagram page dedicated to the cat. I love the hastag they’re using: #freequilty. HA!

Read more about Quilty the “criminal” cat here, and check out his Instagram page here. A pic of Quilty is below. I hope this crafty cat finds his forever home soon!