Serious finds for all the foodie folks out there! We all know at least one person who is totally obsessed with Hidden Valley Ranch. Numerous friends of mine come to mind! And then there’s the friend that just loves Oreo Cookies. You can now make those folks very happy for the holidays!

Let’s start with the Hidden Valley Ranch and their holiday line. WOW! If you are a ranch dressing fan, you are gonna love this stuff! There’s a holiday onesie for adults, throw pillows, a blanket, and more. The Christmas stocking filled with Hidden Valley Ranch is my personal favorite! Classic! You see the entire collection here. I have NO doubt that many of these items will sell out quick. Here’s a glimpse of the blanket.

NOW, on to the Oreo Cookie goodies! These items are quite festive, but I’m not sure I’d wear any of it out of the house. There’s a sweater, a double-stuff sweater (which looks problamatic), PJ’s, and some pajamarall’s. Cute, but I’m not seeing many dudes wearing them. All the Oreo gear can be found here.

Shopping now DONE for the foodie folks on your list.  Happy holidays!