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Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Jason Coudriet/Unsplash
It’s hard to believe that ranch dressing wasn’t invented in the South. Folks around these parts practically consider it a beverage. But, no, the iconic salad dressing and dipping sauce was created by a plumber in Alaska. He and his wife would go on to open a dude ranch called Hidden Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California, where their guests were served the creamy nectar with their salads. And the rest is condiment history.

If you have any ranch dressing-obsessed family members or friends, you can make their holiday season more flavorful with a Hidden Valley Ranch-Filled Christmas Stocking. The festive decoration is filled with 52-ounces of the brand’s original ranch dressing. The stocking is made out of food-safe plastic and has a spout in the toe area so you can pour yourself a shot right over the fireplace. It even comes with a silver mantle holder. Classy.

Hidden Valley’s Ranch-Filled Stocking runs $35. You can order it here, along with the rest of their holiday apparel and accessories.