Actress Kerry Washington is slated to direct an episode of Issa Rae’s hit HBO show Insecure. On Tuesday (Nov. 19), the Emmy nominated actress took to Instagram and shared a hilarious spoof video mocking Rae’s character on Insecure where she often raps to herself in the mirror.

“I’m a little INSECURE about my Mirror,” Washington wrote in the tweet. “But I’m excited for @issarae to show me how it’s done. #KerryDirectsInsecure.”

“You are the next director of Insecure. Which, which episode? Oh, 9?” Washington, says while standing in the mirror before bursting into laughter in the spoof.  “That’s what I do.”

Washington checked her lipstick and then continued the hilarious self-talk in the mirror before Issa Rae appeared. “Can you actually direct us,” Rae asked Washington.


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