Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Over 30 million people will be flying somewhere for Thanksgiving this year. Yeah….that’s a LOT of people! So if you’re one of those folks that’s traveling by plane, you need to know what holiday foods you can and can’t carry on the plane.

If you’re carrying the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner or  tupperware with leftovers, it’s good to know the TSA regulations BEFORE you get to the airport. You don’t wanna be doing shots of gravy in the airport before boarding your plane.

The TSA now has a website giving you all the info you need if you plan to travel with food or with beverages. It’s broken down into categories, so it’s easy to find the info. According to the TSA’s press secretary  Jenny L. Burke, “The general rule that we tend to tell people is that if you can spray it, spread it, pump it or pour it, it should go in your checked bag.”  Makes sense to me!

Take a look at all the do’s and don’ts here. The last thing ya need to be doing is shoving a whole pie down your throat in two minutes so you can make a flight! THAT would not make for festive traveling.

Whether you’re flying off or staying at home, have a fabulous Thanksgiving!