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I’m just gonna say it………..this woman kicks ass! Literally! No question, this story is my favorite for the week and it’s only Monday! 

Willie Murphy is an 82 year-old woman that lives in Rochester, N.Y. Instead of knitting or playing solitaire, Willie lifts weights. She’s a female bodybuilder who has won numerous awards. Murphy trains daily at her local YMCA, and she can deadlift 225 lbs. Murphy’s strength helped her out last week when an intruder broke into her home.

Murphy says a man knocked on the door to her home late Thursday night, claiming he was sick and needed an ambulance. She called police but didn’t let him in. A few minutes later, she heard a noise and realized the 28 year-old burglar knocked her door down. Sadly, the intruder had no idea who he was messing with.

Murphy quickly called the police, but said she wasn’t scared.  She took a table to the man, and hit him with it til it broke! Once the man was injured, Murphy says she poured shampoo on his face and hit him with a broom.

When officers arrived, it wasn’t Murphy who needed medical attention. The intruder was taken to the hospital for his injuries, and Murphy decided not to press charges. The cops did want to take pictures with Murphy though….they were quite impressed!

HOLY MOLY!!!  Talk about a hard core woman! Read more about Murphy’s ordeal here.  I for one think it’s awesome! YOU rock Willie Murphy! You’re my hero of the week!