If you or someone you know LOVES wine, then this stocking is a must! Time to get Ho Ho Hammered for Christmas with this plastic stocking flask that holds close to three bottles of wine. 

This plastic “Happy Hangover”is designed to hang from the fireplace or railing and it holds almost three bottles of wine. Or, if you aren’t a wine fan, it holds 70 ounces of whatever spirit makes ya happy. The stocking has a spout at the end so you can use it to pour drinks in a more jolly manner. Gotta love being festive!

The stocking is made of food-grade plastic, so you can use it and reuse it for all of your holiday parties and year after year. And the cost of the stocking is definitely merry! It’s only $8.99, making it a great gift for any “Secret Santa” event at your office or large family gift event.

The stocking is available at numerous places, including Amazon and Walmart. Take a look and find out more here. And cheers to you!  Merry Christmas!