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Tis the season for treats all over, including Christmas cookies. I’m a big fan! I think I love Christmas cookies so much because I didn’t grow up eating them. Since I grew up Jewish, we didn’t bake Christmas cookies, so I always loved going to a friend’s house to eat them during the holidays. 

Since today is “National Cookie Day”, I thought it’d be a great time to share some cookie recipes. Christmas cookies make a great gift for co-workers, friends, or anyone else you want to show some appreciation for. I found 40 recipes online and there are recipes for everyone, no matter what your baking skill level is.

If you’re a beginning baker, the No-Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies are for you! They look easy to make and they look festive! Other recipes that caught my eye, the Cherry Kiss cookies, the Gingerbread Spritz cookies, the Italian Chocolate Spice cookies, and the Berry-Filled Butter Ribbons.  YUM!

See all of the recipes here. Homemade cookies are always a great gift! I have plans to grab some Gingerbread Men/Women cookies somewhere today. They are my FAV and I gotta celebrate “National Cookie Day”  Just call me Cookie Monster!

Happy baking!