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Johnell Pannell/Unsplash

Ice skating is fun. So is driving bumper cars. If only there were some way to combine the two. Wait, there is!

Ice bumper cars are real and we need them in Charlotte. They started appearing on ice rinks just a few years ago in northern cities, including Providence, Buffalo, and Akron. A fleet of ice bumper cars will also be rolling into New York City’s Bryant Park for the second year in a row beginning in mid-January.

Each car holds one person. Drivers must be less than 300 pounds, over 42 inches tall, and over seven years old. And not only can you bump into other cars, you can also spin them like the tea cup ride at Disney World. It’s like driving a giant curling stone.

I see no reason why we can’t have ice bumper cars in Charlotte. We have both indoor and outdoor rinks in the area. Oh, and the ice bumper cars in New York City are sponsored by Bank of America. Hello! Where are your corporate headquarters located? Let’s make this happen.