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I’m always amazed at truly crafty and creative people. I don’t have the skills to create something like this, nor the imagination! 

Since it’s that holly jolly time of the year, a “Treezilla” totally makes sense. Steve Newland created a Christmas tree made in the shape and form of Godzilla, the gigantic prehistoric sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation that lays destruction to everything in its path. Oh, and it apparently also breathes smoke. SWEET!

Newland, who lives in New Zealand, made the tree out of household objects: chicken wire, a weedmat, plastic teeth, paper claws, Christmas lights, and four different fir trees. For added effect, it was equipped with a fog machine that is controlled remotely and refillable using fog machine

The result is awesome! And what Newland did with the tree is equally as awesome. He sold the tree online for about $280, and donated the money to a local children’s charity.

It’s a trip watching the “Treezilla”….kinda creepy AND cool! Check it out!