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Melany Myers

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There are certain events in life that can cause some serious stress. Moving, divorce, ending a relationship, and death are just a few that come to mind. My mother has always said that I’m an extremist. I tend to take on more than one big life event at a time. I’m not sure I do it on purpose…sometimes it just all happens at once for me. 

This year has been hard. I lost both my dogs within a span of three months. Gypsy and Maxwell were my babies! Gypsy was a month away from her 16th birthday when she died and Maxwell was 13 years old. I still cry when I think of them. My heart has a hole in it that will never be filled.

Soon after Gypsy died, I starting dating someone. I hadn’t dated in three years. Seven months later, that relationship has ended. It’s way too much to get into (it’ll be in my book) but I’ll just say that some people aren’t who they appear to be. The breakup was my idea, but it still hurts. We moved in together in September, so that makes it all even more complicated.

Last weekend, my apartment was flooded. The guy upstairs let his toilet run for days and didn’t think he should tell someone that water was leaking. UGH! Over 200 gallons of water was removed from my place. I didn’t sleep well for a few days since I had industrial fans and a huge de-humidifier in my apartment. It sounded like a freakin’ airport! So, NOW, because of the water damage, I have to move……..AGAIN. Total pain!

SO, what do I decide to do with all of this insanity going on? I decide to rescue a senior Jack Russell Terrier. Yup. I am a little loony I saw this sweet girl’s picture on Facebook, and it just stayed in my brain. Mollie is 12 years old, and just adorable. I am hoping we click! I am meeting her today. If all goes well, I am hoping to adopt her. I rescued Kramer the Krazy this past May, and I am truly hoping that he and this girl get along. I think Kramer NEEDS a bossy Jack Russell sister in his life. That’s what I’m hoping!  How could I pass on this face?!

Rough year plus holiday stress plus moving and NOW I decide to rescue a pup. I can’t explain it. I just feel in my heart that it’s all going to work out. I don’t know why I tend to add stress onto stress, but sometimes, it’s how life rolls. All I can do is have faith, and keep on rolling along….stress or no stress.

Wish me luck! I have a feeling this sweet girl will bring me the joy that’s been missing in my life. I’ll keep ya updated!