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So, if you read my blog yesterday, I am currently fostering a 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Mollie. My HOPE is to adopt her. As of right now, she is having a sleepover for the week with me. 

I took Mollie home yesterday, and of course, Kramer was excited! He was curious and interested in Mollie, but then he got jealous. He barked at Mollie for about three hours. Yup…..THREE HOURS! My head is killing me today. He really made Mollie anxious. Now, she is a Jack Russell, so she takes no crap. She had no problem stepping up to Kramer. When she would snap at him, he would run away.

It’s been 15 years since I had two doggies meet each other. I brought Maxwell home when Gypsy was about four-years-old. She disliked him for years but tolerated him. LOL!  I’m wondering how long it will take Kramer and Mollie.

There’s such a difference in their ages that I’m wondering if they’ll be able to get along ok. Kramer is only three-years-old, so Mollie has some years on him. I’m hoping he will recognize that she is his elder and that she’s gonna be the alpha. Both dogs were surrendered to a shelter, so I know they both really need love and attention. I have no problem spoiling them both!

I’m ok if they aren’t best friends, but I’m hoping they will learn to like each other. Do you have any suggestions? Is it just going to take time? If there’s something specific that you think will help, please let me know! I’m up for any info!

Thanks! Sincerely, a very tired dog mom.  🙂