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William Choquette/Pexels

There are some Christmas gifts you definitely don’t want to receive. I’m not talking about fruitcake or neckties. Have you ever given or received a “take a hint” gift?

According to a new OnePoll survey, one in five Americans are planning on giving somebody a “take the hint” gift this year. One in three respondents say they’ve given at least one such gift in the past. And the person in your life most likely to give you one of these “take a hint” gifts? It’s your own partner.


A “take a hint” gift could be intended to address any number of issues: oral hygiene, body odor, weight, grooming, or even kitchen skills. The most popular “take a hint” gift Americans give is deodorant or perfume/cologne, with cookbooks also scoring high on the list.

10 Most Common “Take a Hint” Gifts

  • Deodorant/perfume: 36%
  • Cookbook: 31%
  • Self-help book: 22%
  • Exercise equipment: 22%
  • Cleaning supplies: 21%
  • Alarm clock: 20%
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste: 20%
  • Gym membership: 18%
  • Breath mints: 18%
  • Razor: 17%

Jeremy Dorrough/Unsplash