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Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Ruslan Gilmanshin/Pixabay

As Christmas Day gets closer and shopping days dwindle, you might still be looking for that one toy that will be an absolute smash with your kids. has come to the rescue with their guide to the most popular Christmas toys in your state.

My sons are 18 and 16, so toys are currently off the table. They just want gas money. But it’s interesting to see that some of the stuff they played with are still being enjoyed by younger kids. For example, Nerf guns are the most popular Christmas toy in eleven states, but not in the Carolinas.

Blume Dolls are the top choice for kids in North Carolina. The dolls start as tiny flowers that grow in their flowerpot homes when a few drops of water are added. Then they can be plucked from their containers.


Kids in South Carolina are hoping to find some Play-Doh under the tree on Christmas morning. The versatile and inexpensive old school toy is also tied for third place nationwide with American Girl Dolls.