I realize that different folks enjoy different food pairings, and I think wine AND cheese go quite well together. THAT said, I don’t think wine needs to go INTO cheese. I saw this article over the weekend, and when I watched the video that accompanied it, I said to myself, “What in the hell?!”  This just looks gross!

So, the video shows you how to make cheddar cheese shot glasses. Yup. I’m a fan of cheese, but this just looks nasty! You take two pounds of cheddar cheese that’s grated, put it into the microwave and melt it for 30-second intervals still it’s melted. Then you pour the warm cheese into silicone shot glass molds and pat it gently.

Let the cheese sit for at least 30 minutes until firm. Then you remove the cheese from the mold, and serve with wine. You pour the wine INTO the cheese. After you drink the wine from the cheese shot glass, you then eat the cheese.

Again, I like cheese and wine paired together, but this doesn’t look very appetizing to me.  Is it just me? What do you think? Read more here and you can check out the video below.