I’m a big fan of the big sandwich! But I think this is a wee bit excessive. 

A guy named Josh Gondelman posted a picture on Twitter on December 12 that has gone viral. The pic is of a turkey sandwich that he got at his neighborhood bodega. Gondelman — who is a writer, producer and comedian — unintentionally started a hilarious debate on Twitter.

HOW much spinach is TOO much on a sandwich? My answer is THIS is WAY too much for one sandwich.

Gondelman explained that he had to take most of it off the sandwich and eat it like a salad. He also said that the lady at the bodega is trying to tell him that he needs more veggies in his life.

I definitely think she was trying to tell him something! OR she had that much spinach left in a bag or in the bunch, and just went for it.

What do you think? Too much? I have a big mouth and I don’t even think I could eat that without a knife and fork! Holy spinach Popeye!