Admittedly, I have not watched an episode of “Saturday Night Live” in years, but THIS is freakin’ funny! I’ll tell ya, for some folks it may be a little racy, but it NAILS life as a parent. And this is from someone that doesn’t even have kids! But, I’m old enough to know how real this is!

The cast at SNL presented “Children’s Clothing Ad” which is a riot! It’s a parody of a Macy’s commercial for kids clothing and it captures all the annoyances that parents deal with as they try to dress their kids in festive outfits for the holiday season.

The spoof ad promotes great deals on products like “snow boots that are so hard to put on, it’ll strain your marriage”, and “coats so big you won’t be able to strap your kid in his/her car seat.”

Parents on social media are loving this! I laughed so hard, I cried! It’s been a very long time since an SNL skit made me laugh like that. I had to share! I have no doubt that many of you can relate on so many levels! Merry Christmas! This will be the best two plus minutes of your day. Great way to laugh off some holiday stress.

And remember, you can only “stress dress” your kids for so long, so enjoy!