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Holiday Traditions with K104.7

Pedro Figueras/Pexels

Every November, I say that I’m not going to let the stress of the holiday season affect me but, inevitably, a little stress creeps into my life. This year, the stress has more to do with our home remodeling project than anything related to the holidays. In fact, not having a kitchen for a few weeks may have actually taken off some of the pressure of putting on a big Christmas.

Unfortunately, holiday stress is a real problem for a lot of people. Two-thirds of Americans say stress is actual dampening their holiday spirit and a recent survey from OnePoll finds that these things are the main culprits:

  • Shopping for gifts (37%)
  • Visiting family (36%)
  • Cooking (34%)
  • Receiving gifts (31%)
  • Crowds and lines (30%)

Maybe the best thing to do this Christmas is give yourself an escape from all of that stress. Tropical vacation, anyone?