Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

You know I really dislike the word “hack” but I guess that’s what this is. Did you know that you can use your angel cookie cutter to make Baby Yoda cookies? Yup! And they are adorable!

I’m not a massive “Star Wars” fan and I have never seen “The Mandalorian” TV show, but I have seen Baby Yoda all over the internet, and yes, he is the cutest!

Earlier this week, a Twitter user came up with a brilliant way to make Baby Yoda cookies! Use your angel cookie cutter to cut out the cookies, and then chop off the head of the angel. The angel’s wings make perfect Yoda ears!

If you or your kids are into Star Wars, this will make a fun project while they’re out of school for the holidays. These things are so precious!! I love someone that’s crafty! I would have never thought to do this.  Easy pics so you can give it a shot!