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Melany Myers

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I’ve heard of a cover charge but NOT to have dinner at a family members house! That’s what one woman decided to do in England and her story has now gone viral. 

Grandmother Hayley Garbutt, from England, was expecting to host about a dozen family members for Christmas dinner.  Her three adult children and their partners, four grandchildren and even some of her friends. So, she decided to charge her guests about £35 ($43) a head for dinner.

According to Garbutt, the cost of admission was for food for the holiday dinner. Garbutt is a big fan of Christmas and likes to go all out. Her pts an was to take whatever cash was leftover after buying all the food and wine, and spend that money on gifts for her family and friends. So, basically, her friends and family would be paying for their own Christmas gifts, or at least paying for some of them.

Garbutt collected about $544 and  sees nothing wrong with her Grinch-like scheme. She thinks it’s totally fair, and she likes that she can buy more gifts, especially for the kids.

I totally understand asking for monetary help in regard to the food. I wouldn’t have gone about it the way she did though. In America, at least in the South, we usually ask folks to bring a dish. That helps not only with the food cost, but it helps out the host from having to do all the cooking.

I’m not sure I’d have the guts to invite  folks to my house for dinner and take loot at the door. I wonder if she hired a bouncer to collect the funds and check I.D.’s….HA! Read more on the story here.

Would you do this?? I’m gonna say no. If I’m inviting you to dinner, then I’m buying the food and handling the cost of everything. That’s just me!