Today is December 26. The day after Christmas, or for folks that work in retail, the day of returns! Having worked retail before, I can tell you that working the day after Christmas can be a total ruckus!

Years ago I worked at Victoria’s Secret at Southpark Mall and you would be amazed at how many people feel the need to immediately return underpants the day after Christmas. It’s like they have none at home! That was my LAST day in retail. It was crazy!

Things have changed now with so many people shopping online, but I can guarantee that stores will be busy today with folks returning things they got for Christmas. Lots of people also shop on December 26 as there are lots of sales.

IF you plan to return items you received yesterday for Christmas, here are a few good things to know. Many North Carolina retailers have extended the time you have to return holiday gifts, even if you don’t have a receipt. Most retailers will exchange gifts, although having a receipt simplifies and speeds up the return process. If you open the packaging for music, movies, video games or computer software you may be able to return it, but you may have to settle for exchanging it for a similar item in the store.

Of course, every store has a different exchange policy, some are more strict than others. You can check out details for certain stores, and for some online retailers here.  This article also gives you a list of stores that don’t have a great return policy.  Just know, you don’t have to rush out today to return items, but if you DO, expect some lines.  Good luck!