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When I read this post, it hit home for me. And I think it will hit with other women as well. SO many people compare themselves to others on social media. One of my close friends does it all the time, and because of that, she gets depressed. I think we all forget that very few people post negative stuff about their life on social media. Most people want others to think their life is perfect, when in reality, no one’s life is perfect. 

Christina Fattore is a  professor and mother of two. She made the decision to “get real” when she posted her list of achievements of the decade. She accomplished lots over years, but she also went through numerous struggles. Fattore wanted to show people that you never know what the people who you think have it all together are going through. Just because someone seems like they have a perfect life, doesn’t mean they actually do.

You can see Fattore’s edited and unedited version below.

There’s a second part to the unedited version: Lost right ovary due to endometriosis (abdominal surgery #3) Got tenure after fighting tooth and nail Secondary infertility Appendicitis (surgery #4) Gave up on baby #2 after 15 cycles and insane stress Somehow ended up pregnant Had c-section #2 (surgery #5) 3/

As you can see, there were a LOT of obstacles that Fattone dealt with in the last decade.  Folks on Twitter made her decade in review go viral. So many people related to her unedited list, and gave her praise for being honest.

As women, and as people, we need to remember that social media is just giving you a glimpse of someones life.  Very few people will be totally honest about their lives on social media. We all need to remember that most people only show you the good. EVERYONE has good and bad things happen in their lives. We all need to stop comparing our lives to the lives of others.

I guess I related to Fattone’s post because I am one of those people that shares their struggles. Hell, I’ll be 50 on Saturday and I’m struggling with it. I realize age is just a number, but I guess I thought I’d be in a different place at this age. I am lucky though. I learned early on, the age of 19 when I went to rehab, that just because someone’s life looks perfect doesn’t mean it is. Being embarrassed about the bad things isn’t necessary. Bad things happen to everyone and we all struggle. Own those struggles! They might help someone else.

Wishing you a happy 2020! Don’t compare your life to others…just live it!