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Melany Myers

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We’ve all heard of meal prepping and many of us have done it. Although it’s been a while, I used to meal prep often. It’s been a few years since I really worked out hard and focused on eating totally clean.  I thought I knew how to meal prep the right way.  I was wrong. 

I came across this article and decided to click on it and found it really helpful! If you’re trying to focus on portion control and/or eating healthier, this will help you. This article goes into meal prepping step-by-step, giving you numerous links to products that will help you.  I also found out some things I was unaware of. I had no clue that there were apps for meal prepping. There’s now an app for everything!  I just never thought about it.

Something else I found helpful is the list of foods that are given that are best for meal prepping. It gives you fruits, veggies, grains, proteins, and more that are easy to prep, and are filling and good for you. The article also breaks down recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, showing you how to make each dish.

You’ll also find a healthy snack list, if you’re like me and enjoy snacks! And there’s info on how long certain foods will last if you’re prepping for the week.

If you’re focusing on a particular diet or just trying to eat healthier, this article will definitely help you out. You can see it here.  Good luck!