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Restricted Eating

Have you heard of the new way of eating? It’s called restricted eating, and it’s all about 3 meals a day and eating for an hour each meal. If you eat 3 meals a day you have an hour at each meal to eat. You don’t have to use the whole hour to eat but you can. You drink and eat pretty much whatever you want but of course, keep it low carb. In between your meals (this is the important part), no snacking or grazing!!!! But, I AM A GRAZER! What’s a girl to do when she needs a snack?

Well, the answer to that is, you can only drink water, unsweet tea, and black coffee in between meals. But, you can pretty much drink whatever you want during your meals. So ultimately what we are trying to do is compact all of our eating and drinking of things other than water, black coffee, and unsweet tea into 3 hours a day. If you only eat two meals a day then you have an hour and a half per meal to eat. They say the weight should come off at a steady pace, I’ll keep you updated.

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