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I’m a big fan of fresh flowers. Having them in my home makes me happy. But I know there are lots of folks that aren’t a fan of spending money on flowers. Since Valentine’s Day is a month away, here are some tasty options. Food bouquets are a thing and I like it!

First up, the donut bouquet. Last year for Valentine’s Day, Phil and I did a contest for the station along with Dunkin Donuts. One lucky listener won a Dunkin Donut Munchkins Bouquet. It was adorable! AND edible.

Donuts are big again this year. Harry & David offered a donut bouquet last year for Valentine’s Day, and it was so popular, it sold out. They are offering it again this year, so order early. Again this year the boquet will have 10 mini donuts, and it has a mix of pink-colored white chocolate, regular white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate-covered donuts decorated with drizzle and mini heart sprinkles. CUTE!

You can also purchase other non-traditional bouquets. There is a Reese’s bouquet, a Hershey’s candy bouquet, a beer and beef bouquet, and others. You could even come up with your own festive bouquet made up of some type of food.  Check some of the bouquets out here. 

Now, if you’re single for Valentine’s Day like me, send yourself a fun bouquet! Why not? You should love yourself the most! Nothing wrong with making yourself smile.