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Melany Myers

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Usually it’s “Taco Tuesday” but I’m gonna give you some festive taco news today, so it’s “Taco Thursday”. If you’re a fan, and most of us are, a small road trip is in order this March. 

On March 28 in Cary, North Carolina, the “Tacos ‘N Taps Festival” will take place at the Booth Amphitheater. There will be over 15 restaurants from all over the state offering Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food. There will be 30 different types of tacos to choose from, and festival organizers say that each vendor will have a $3 taco option. Gotta love good food on the cheap!

In addition to tasty tacos, there will be tastings of over 60 craft beers, mezcals, margaritas, tequilas and more. The festival offers general admission tickets and VIP tickets. Booze and food….sounds worthy of a road trip to me!  Find out all the info on the festival here.

In other taco news, you can now by a unicorn taco holder which will make eating tacos even more magical! This is great for kids AND adults that dig unicorns.

The Perfect Buddy Unicorn Taco Holder holds two tacos. This would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party and it’s not too pricey! Only $14.95.  See more pictures and grab details here.