Revenge is best served cold and this is as cold as it gets.

Social media is a great place to go if you are looking to feel better about your relationships as a  guy on Reddit posted a story about how he handled a situation when he found out a woman he’d been dating was just using him for free meals. After a few dates, one of their mutual friends sent him a screenshot of some texts from the woman where she said she was just using the guy for free food.

He also added that she wasn’t in a bad financial situation, because on their dates, “She would wear pricey clothes and had two Chanel bags.”

So he took her to an expensive restaurant, they both ate and drank a lot, and then he said he had to go to the bathroom. However, it wasn’t the bathroom he left too, it was his car. He left her in the restaurant and without a ride home. He says he started getting “furious texts” from her 45 minutes later saying she had to have her mom come to the restaurant to pay the bill, and they were done.

After his story started going viral, he said, quote, “Obviously what I did was not morally good and I should’ve been direct with her…this wasn’t about doing the right thing or learning anything.”


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I know friends of mine that have done this. They would have no intention of ever getting into a serious relationship but they enjoyed the free food and company! My friend would also claim there was nothing wrong with it. What are your thoughts? Send me a DM!

Source: Reddit

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