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Melany Myers

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Charcuterie Boards and fancy cheese boards are so blase! The thing for 2020 is the “Fries Board” that’s overflowing with different types of french fries along with numerous dipping sauces. 

These boards include fries and potato snacks of all shapes and sizes – including crinkle cut chips, French fries, waffle fries, seasoned fries, beer-battered chips, sweet potato fries, potato gems and of course wedges. And as mentioned, a big selection of dipping sauces, including tomato, mustards, aioli, guacamole, and sweet chili – whatever your heart desires. 

The “Fries Board” is beginning to go viral so look for it at your favorite restaurant. I’m not ready to give up the Charcuterie Board just yet but I have NO problem adding a tasty fries platter into the mix.