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I’m not sure who is responsible for this idea, but I’d like to meet them and give them a huge hug! For the rest of the month, a hotel in New York is offering a carb-lovers suite and it sounds delightful! Perfect story for “National Bagel Day”, which is today!

The Refinery Hotel in New York is offering a Bread & Breakfast suite that will fulfill every carb-fanatics wildest dreams. It will have baguette-inspired lights, a pizza alarm clock, pretzel print curtains, croissant wallpaper, and a headboard that looks like a piece of toast. And those are only a few of the crazy carb-inspired amenities.

The room will smell of “fresh bakery scents” and then there’s the stuff you can actually eat. The suite will feature a giant wall that’s filled with edible bagels and doughnuts. And yes, you ARE encouraged to eat the goodies from the wall! WHAT?! Heaven!

The suite will run you $225 a night but the suite comes with a mini bar stocked with pastries and you get a $100 credit to use towards room service. You also get parting gifts. Each guest can take home a robe embroidered “Carbivore” and a pair of slippers that look like baguettes.

Sleep, eat, snack, repeat. We've partnered with @hotelsdotcom to bring you the ultimate, limited-time hotel room experience, the Bread & Breakfast suite. Want to spend a night in carb heaven? Reservations are available this Friday, January 17! #HotelLife

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This would be the best! I don’t think I’d leave the hotel lots. I’d just hang out, watch movies, and eat the wall of goodies! The suite is only going to be all carb-ed up til the end of the month. You can book your stay starting this Friday, January 17 at

Now, I’m off to raise some funds and see about taking some time off. Oh, and I guess I better snag some VERY stretchy pants!