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Krists Luhaers/Unsplash

If you’d much rather sit in a movie theater than on a Peloton, you’re in luck. A new study from University College London claims that seeing a movie is just as good for your heart as going to the gym.

The study involved hooking up biometric sensors to 50 people watching the live-action version of Aladdin. The sensors showed their heart rates rose between 40% and 80% for about 45 minutes of the movie. That’s also what happens when someone participates in “light exercise,” such as walking or gardening.

Before I got into broadcasting, I worked at a movie theater. I never saw anyone break a sweat, not even the employees, myself included. I have questions:

  • Do horror movie fans get a better workout than people who watch romantic comedies?
  • Do a liter of soda, purse full of candy, and giant bucket of salty buttered popcorn negate the results of the “exercise?”
  • Which costs more in 2020: a movie ticket or a gym membership?