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Kevin Winter/Getty Image

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is retiring at 28. Indiana land surveyor Bob Vollmer is retiring at 102. The Rolling Stones may never retire. People can’t always predict when it will be time for them to leave their careers, but sometimes our bodies let us know loud and clear.

Madonna canceled her eighth show of the Madame X World Tour on Sunday night (1/19). She was scheduled to perform in Lisbon but had to bow out due to an unspecified injury. Fans got a 45-minute notice of the cancellation on Sunday evening.

Madonna took to Instagram to apologize to her fans writing, “Sorry I had to cancel tonight, but I must listen to my body and rest!” She hasn’t revealed the exact nature of the injury but did complain of a torn ligament and knee pain back in November. She was recently photographed wearing a knee brace and taking ice baths after the show to deal with the pain.

Dancing has always been a part of Madonna’s act. If she can’t maintain her high standards on stage, is it time for her to stop touring? The cancellations are not fair to her fans. The nagging injuries are not fair to Madonna.