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When the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers take the field in Miami on February 2nd, there will be more at stake than just the Vince Lombardi Trophy. We, the fans, will have a shot at some prizes, too.

Buffalo Wild Wings will offer up free wings to anyone who wants them if the game goes into overtime. You’ll be able to get a free order of either traditional or boneless wings between the hours of 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM on February 17th.

The restaurant chain feels that it’s a pretty safe bet. Las Vegas odds makers say there’s only a 10% chance of the big game going into overtime. In fact, it has only happened once before when New England came back to beat Atlanta in 2017.

There have been nine safeties in Super Bowl history, though. If either the Chiefs or 49ers score a safety on February 2nd, Volvo will give away $1 million worth of new cars to people who enter their contest.

The promotion is to recognize the safety of Volvo vehicles and the 1 million lives saved by their innovations. When you sign up for the #VolvoSafety Sunday contest, you’ll even be able to design your own car.

Robert Hradil/Getty Images