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Melany Myers

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While watching WBTV news this morning in the studio, Phil and I caught the end of a segment they did on PROOF ice cream. Phil mentioned that a former USC basketball player created it, so I decided to check it out. I went to USC when right after high school, and I did radio there for a few years, so Columbia is like my second home. 

PROOF was founded by former University of South Carolina women’s basketball player Jenn Randall-Collins, and was developed from an old Kentucky recipe that had been shared among families for generations. The ice cream is different from others as it combines quality spirits and tasty ice cream flavors.

The flavors sound amazing! There’s Bourbon Carmel, Strawberry Moonshine, Bourbon Chocolate Cherry, Pistachio Rum….just to name a few! I’m telling ya right now, that Bourbon Chocolate Cherry has my name ALL over it!

I’m not sure how much alcohol is in each pint, but I DO know that you can only purchase PROOF in select beer/wine stores. Of course, I DID find out that a few places in Charlotte sell it so I’m totally looking for it today. Phil & I are hoping to try it this week for “Freaky Food Friday”, so stay tuned.

You can check out all the flavors and grab more info on PROOF here. I’m excited to check it out!