Chickens are all the rage! I know several people that have chickens in a chicken coop in their backyard. They keep them as pets and really love the fresh eggs. I’m guessing that’s why this purse is so popular!

Amazon is selling a rubber chicken purse and people are going nuts over it. The rubber chicken purse has nearly 750 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s selling for $27.15, which isn’t a bad price. The bag is a light yellow color with a yellow beak, red wattle and comb, black eyes, and red handles. The entire thing has feather detail, so it legit looks like you decided to carry around an actual chicken.

The bag is so popular that there’s an Instagram account dedicated to it. One person even got a tattoo of the chicken purse. Yup!

If you wanna get in on the chicken craze, you can buy the purse here. Definitely a conversation starter!

Her chicken purse is so coooll. @rachael.albano #im_just_saying13 #justsaying #lifeisgood #lokera #chickenpurse

42 Likes, 4 Comments - Victoria (@im_just_saying13) on Instagram: "Her chicken purse is so coooll. @rachael.albano #im_just_saying13 #justsaying #lifeisgood #lokera..."