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Our Steve Crump on WBTV is loved by many and you’ll hear him say through the journey of being diagnosed with cancer, gives all glory to God! Steve says, “God is a great God”, as he mentions to Francene Marie during a radio interview regarding his new documentary titled: Franklin McCain Flashbacks And Observations From A Civil Rights Trailblazer. it airs on WBTV February 21st at 7 pm and again on BOUNCE TV February 22nd at 7:30 pm. Also showing on BOUNCE TV is his documentary titled: John Lewis – Reflections of a Sit-in Pioneer, also on January 22nd at 7 pm.

The documentary comes right on time with Black History Month and people wanting more rich history to consume in times of immigration and more issues regarding race and religion. During the interview with Francene Marie, Steve still has the finesse and memory of an encyclopedia talking us down memory lane. Take a sneak peek about the documentary via The Francene Marie Show with Steve Crump.