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As you know, I am a crazy dog lady. I remember the first time I boarded my Jack Russell Gypsy. I was a mess! I called the boarding facility daily while on vacation to make sure that she was ok! When I DID leave my pups at home, I’d have my Mom watch the dogs. Even though it was my Mom and I trusted her, I’d still leave her a list of specifics.

I can at least say that I’m not as bad as THIS chick! A woman asked her sister to watch her dog for the weekend while she went out of town, and the instruction list she left for her sister has gone viral. The Twitter user under the username bewwbie shared the guide that her sister sent. And it’s a GUIDE!

The guide came in the form of a PDF and it was two pages long! The thing looks like a newsletter you’d get from your home owners association. There’s way more info about Gus’s daily life than needed. There’s details about the dog’s bedtime, including the time the dog needs to go to bed, food instructions, toy instructions, and info on the dog’s nap time.

As detailed as I’ve been about instructions for my dogs, NEVER have I been this hard core! It’s a bit over the top! Which of course, is why it’s gone viral. Talk about a “helicopter pet parent”.  TOO over the top? Yes. FUNNY? Double yes!  I can’t imagine how nutso this chick will be when she has a child! Check it out!

Oh…and don’t forget to read the “fast facts” given. LOL!