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Francesca Tosolini/Unsplash

There’s almost nothing worse then trying to fall asleep only to be foiled by your own insomnia. It doesn’t matter if it’s because something is on your mind or something is disagreeing with your digestion, it all adds up to the same thing: a grumpy, tired you the next morning. But the cure for insomnia may be as close as your bathroom.

A U.S. study has shown that if you take a warm shower an hour and a half before bed, you’ll go to sleep 50% faster and will stay asleep 15 minutes longer. Why does it work? A warm shower lowers your blood pressure, which helps you dose off.

That’s actually a great way to unwind, especially at the end of chilly winter day. It’s worth trying on a regular basis, even if it means changing your whole evening routine. Sweet dreams.

Gregory Pappas/Unsplash