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Be honest. When you take your dog for a walk, are you really taking them for a walk or just a bathroom break? According to PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, most people are making a few mistakes when they walk their dogs. Here are her suggestions for how to be a better dog walker:

  1. Attach your dog’s leash to a harness, not a collar. It’s much more comfortable for them. I need to make the switch for Cali.
  2. Walks should be longer than just a quick trip around the block to pee and poop. Most dogs need and want more exercise than that.
  3. Let your dog sniff and look around when you’re on a walk. That’s their social media. You wouldn’t like it if you couldn’t check your Instagram.
  4. Get off your phone and pay attention to your four-legged friend. They could eat something gross or get into some other trouble when you’re not looking. Plus, they like to hear your voice. Would it kill you to make conversation?