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Tim Boyle/Getty Images

What’s the most valuable thing you ever got for Christmas when you were a kid? A musical instrument? A piece of jewelry? A puppy? A car? Those are all great, but how would you have felt about receiving your own revenue stream?

A father from Coatesville, PA gave his 10-year-old daughter her own vending machine for Christmas. It wasn’t so that she could have unlimited access to chips and candy. Rather, Reco Oxendine, who owns a dozen vending machines himself, set his daughter up to take her entrepreneurship to the next level.

Oxendine believes that his 10-year-old daughter and other kids her age should learn the importance of saving and building wealth. The forward-thinking father got his daughter started in business by selling candy in their neighborhood back in 2016. They went door-to-door, visiting barbershops, salons and community sporting events to sell their concessions.

With her new vending machine open for business in the lobby of an apartment complex, Reco Oxendine’s little girl is now her own boss, stocking snacks and collecting income. Many people have been applauding Mr. Oxendine on social media for his unique and, hopefully, profitable parenting move.