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Detox tea
We can all admit that there are trends that should stay in 2019, but some trends that should follow into 2020 we’re not sure about. Detox teas have become a huge trend within the last few years. There are so many celebrities who swear by them and then there are so many fitness influencers that are completely against it. A few things you should know before you jump on this trend or decide whether you’re for or against them.

The detox teas don’t just make you lose weight and inches of fat over a few days,  you still need to work out and eat healthily to see results. Most of the time, you lose water weight and not actual fat, and some people have noticed that when they stop drinking the teas they gain the weight right back and that is because just two cups of water equal one pound on the scale. They can interfere with your sleeping habits which can affect weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, the key is getting enough rest, so whenever you’re going to be doing any sort of diet, detox, or meal plan make sure you’re doing all of your research and are making sure you know all of the side effects


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