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Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Ok. I’m probably gonna make a lot of people upset, but…..WHY do people like the Kraft orange cheese powder so much? The color is horrid and you don’t see that shade of orange in any other foods. Well, Cheetos and cheese puffs, but that’s it! Just looking at it makes me wanna hurl!

Obviously, I’m in the minority when it comes to the orange cheese powder since Kraft is now selling a 1-pound shaker of their Mac & Cheese powder. This is the same cheese powder that comes in a white envelope in the famous blue box.  I’ll admit I would make it for my step-daughter when she was seven years-old, but it’s all she’d eat!

I’m trying to think what you would put this on. Kraft suggests putting it on popcorn, pasta, and on veggies. I say YUCK! But again, I realize I’m one of the few folks that thinks it’s nasty.

BJ’s Wholesale Club is selling it for $6.99 and reportedly Costco will also be selling it. I’m sure if sales of the cheese are high, other places will sell it too. More details and pictures (if you dare) can be found here. I’m gonna go answer complaint emails now.  🙂