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Melany Myers

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Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I’m not a Kansas City Chief’s fan per say, but it was good to see an underdog team pick up a huge win after 50 years. And stories about how some of the team members celebrated the win are coming out and one in particular made my heart happy. 

Derrick Nnadi is a defensive tackle for the team and he celebrated the team’s win in the best way! First off, Nnadi made “snow angels” in the confetti on the filed after the Chief’s win. LOVE it! But Nnadi also celebrated the victory in another way — helping animals in need.

KC Pet Project announced on their Facebook page that Nnadi paid off the adoption fees for every adoptable dog at all of their shelters. My heart is bursting! This just makes me happy.

Both my pups, Kramer and Mollie, are rescue dogs. There are so many sweet dogs and cats that need loving homes. It’s good to see someone sharing their good fortune!  Even though it’s only Tuesday, this is my favorite story for the week!

KC Pet Project

Wow, what a day! We know everyone is anxious to hear how many pets f... ound homes today thanks to the Derrick Nnadi Foundation sponsoring the fees of all of our available dogs. 44 pets left the shelter (38 dogs and 6 cats) with new families and up to 30 more are going home tomorrow!