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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This is one of the best ideas ever! A Bronx bodega worker has gone viral on TikTok for testing his customers math skills. Yes! Math skills. 

Ahmed Alwan’s father has owned the bodega for over 10 years, and Ahmed works there when he can.  He knows all his customers by name and says that he does whatever he can to help them out.

If the customer gets the math problem correct, they have five seconds to grab whatever they want and they can keep it free of charge. Ahmed wants to show folks that education is key, and hopes that the viral videos will inspire kids to stay in school and to go out and do good deeds within their communities.

Ahmed’s father isn’t upset about the merchandise his son is handing out for free. It all comes out of his son’s paycheck. Ahmed says that there are lots of homeless people in the neighborhood, and that he knows that the goods are helpful to them.

Check out one of the videos below. Love it! AND I love that Ahmed tells the dude in the video not to take his cat. HA! What a great way to help others. Good stuff!

Bodega Worker Quizzes Customers

A bodega worker in the Bronx is going viral for challenging customers to math problems.