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Melany Myers

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, chocolate goodies are all over the place. I’ll admit that I have little to no discipline, so I always end up buying something. I hate buying something that looks good but isn’t. It’s a waste of money AND it annoys me when I have to throw something out…especially chocolate. 

Since I know I’m not the only chocoholic, I thought this would be worth sharing. There’s a list of the best chocolate food finds at Trader Joe’s and the treats look awesome!

First on the list is chocolate covered espresso beans. I love these! Coffee and chocolate…two of my favorites! I don’t eat them often cause they WILL jack me up a bit and truth told, no one needs me more wound up than I already am.

Dark chocolate is my go-to chocolate. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Honey Grahams With Sea Salt have my name ALL over them! These things look amazing.

Chocolate and cherry is a combination that makes me happy! As a kid, I loved chocolate covered cherries. Now, I find them too sweet! But, Trader Joe’s has dark chocolate covered cherries so I may have to snag some to test out.

See all of the above, and check out the rest of the chocolate offerings at Trader Joe’s here. I can tell ya this….I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with a few of these yummy snacks. No question!