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K104.7’s Valentine’s Day Tips & More

Being a parent is a tough job, and being a mom is one of THE toughest jobs for sure. Many moms work outside of the home and then put in many hours at home working for the family. According to a recent study, moms works an average of 98 hours a week! Even when moms go on vacation, it’s rare they get a chance to really relax and unwind. 

Psychologists suggest that moms need a “momcation” in order to avoid burnout. Moms need a vacation without a spouse or kids so that they can truly unwind. Experts also say that a “momcation” can actually improve a woman’s relationship with her spouse and her kids.

Lots of hotels and resorts are now offering “momcation” packages. There are all kinds of “momcation” packages, from high-end luxury to budget-friendly, so moms can find what they need to recharge. And the cool thing about these “momcation” packages is that you, or the mom in your life, can pick a specific date for them.

There are tons of great hotels and spas in and around Charlotte and in North Carolina. I just had a facial at Hand & Stone, Southpark, and it was amazing! Granted, it was just an hour, but it was so relaxing. I had no clue how stressed I was….and I’m not even a mom!

I found a list of some great getaways here in North Carolina that would work for a stellar “momcation” and if the mom in your life enjoys traveling, check out some awesome spots around the country here.

What does mom really want for Valentine’s Day? ME time! Whether it’s for a long weekend, a day, or just a few hours, mom needs a break so she can unwind.