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Getting into college is extremely competitive! It’s very different now than when I was a teenager. You have to have amazing grades, be socially active, and quite well-rounded. I think Ardrey Kell High School senior Ethan Kim totally gets it! 

Kim wants to get into Harvard SO badly, that he came up with a rap video to submit to the school. The video was shot around Charlotte, and he raps about himself, his personality, and his efforts as a student. In his rap, Kim refers to his Korean background, his middle class upbringing, and how he doesn’t have the “bands,” or cash, for tuition. It’s called “Harvard Please Let Me In”.

Like most universities, Harvard gives students a chance to submit supplementary essays. This is a chance for applicants to share more about themselves. It’s basically a “pitch” to the schools as to why they should pick you over others.

Kim does admit that not everything is riding on Harvard, which is smart. I’ll say this, the kid is original! If he doesn’t make it to Harvard, he’ll go somewhere just as prestigious. This dude is smart, and creative, and I think he’ll go far in life. He may not get a recording contract, but he’ll do well in life!

HARVARD PLEASE LET ME IN (Music Video)- Ethan Kim

Back in December, my good friend, Ethan Kim, was deferred from Harvard. It was a long shot. And even now, the chances of being admitted after a deferral are extremely low... but not impossible. DISCLAIMER: "I know that simply making a rap video is not going to get me into one of the best colleges in the world, but this is the best representation of me.