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K104.7’s Valentine’s Day Tips & More

Jill Wellington/Pixabay

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, candy sales are on the rise. has released its annual list of the favorite Valentine’s Day candy by state based on sales data from its online bulk candy store and industry partners. Here’s how it breaks down in the Carolinas:

North Carolina

  1. Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
  2. Cupid Corn
  3. Conversation Hearts

South Carolina

  1. Conversation Hearts
  2. Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
  3. Ghirardelli Gift Box

For the record, “Cupid Corn” is just the Valentine’s Day version of candy corn. I don’t like it at Halloween and I don’t like “Reindeer Corn” at Christmas, so I’m going to pass on “Cupid Corn.”

Special shout out to the men of Alabama who clearly decided that one shopping trip was enough for Valentine’s Day, thus making candy necklaces the #1 choice there. They’re not going to a candy store and a jewelry store. You can see the rest of the state-by-state results here.