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K104.7’s Valentine’s Day Tips & More

Flow Graphics/Unsplash

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the only acceptable ketchup comes from Heinz. There is none better and I like it on everything from fries to eggs to mac & cheese. That being said, even a #1 brand can make mistakes. Combining Heinz ketchup with chocolate would be one of those mistakes.

Heinz UK teamed up with British food retailer Fortnum & Mason to concoct “ValenHeinz” Tomato Ketchup Truffles. The chocolate is described as “tangy but smooth,” and promises to “give you the taste of Heinz Ketchup in every bite.” Does that sound good to anyone?

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I like the name. “ValenHeinz” is a crafty way to insert the brand into a holiday with which it really has nothing in common, except for the fact that ketchup is red. The truffle box comes with three flavors, dark, milk, and white chocolate and retails for about $25. Only 1,000 boxes were made and have already sold out. OK, so maybe it wasn’t a mistake. I still don’t want to try it.