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Melany Myers

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Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In this week’s WTH category, we have a weird collaboration between KFC and Crocs. KFC has announced that they are creating Crocs that look like a bucket of chicken that will be available this spring. 

Phil and I went to KFC earlier this week to try out their Beyond Chicken and we gave it a thumbs up! You can see the taste test here.  We aren’t giving these a positive review though.

There are actually two versions of the KFC crocs: The first is the classic clog, which looks like your typical croc, but with KFC motif. It’s got the classic KFC bucket design on the bottom, while the top has a fried chicken print with two removable chicken-scented charms, which look exactly like chicken drumsticks. Yes. SCENTED chicken charms.

The second is the Bucket Clog, which is similar to the classic clog, but features a 4.5-inch platform. They look like a big ‘ole bucket of chicken! Cause if you’re gonna fall and hurt yourself while wearing huge shoes, they might as well look like a bucket of chicken. Luckily, these won’t be for sale.

The classic clog will be available in the spring for $59.99 at If you want to make sure you get your hands on a pair you can sign up for a reminder on their website.

I’ll go ahead and call it now: someone is gonna buy these and end up suing because a dog caused them injury trying to take the chicken-scented charms off the shoes. Yup! It’ll happen!