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We’ve all heard of cheese boards and charcuterie boards but I think this food board may be the best. The newest food trend for 2020 is the pancake board.   

Right now, pancake platters/boards are big overseas in Australia and in New Zealand. I think we should make these big in America!

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These are great if you’re having folks over for brunch. And, if you’re like me, these would be great anytime! You can do all kinds of things with these boards. Different types of pancakes, along with fresh fruit, flavored syrups, and other toppings.  This would be fun for kids too!

To make pancake board even more festive, add bacon. Or sausage. Or even hard boiled eggs. I think these are awesome! And the best part is that you’ll reduce your clean-up time. Everything goes on one board.

See more examples and grab ideas here. Happy eating!